Citizens for Responsible Lending
"I am my own lender."

                                                                           Citizens for Responsible Lending

                                  Mission Statement


     Throughout time, families have suffered misery directly and indirectly as a result of irresponsible lending practices.


     Many governments have attempted to prevent irresponsible lending practices but have only proven, over and over, that regulations, policies and laws do not work.


     The only effective way to eliminate the misery caused by irresponsible lending practices is for me to stop doing business with irresponsible lenders. 


     To do this I must maintain checking account and savings account balances, growing slowly and steadily, that result in me Becoming My Own Lender.

                               *    *    *     *

Citizens for Responsible Lending is about building checking and savings account balances that grow to become my main credit source.  It is not about cutting spending, paying off debt, or eliminating credit sources.


Citizens for Responsible Lending is about getting more of what I have now.  It is not about change.  Change will come to irresponsible lenders who will have to give up excessive late fees, overdraft charges, excessive interest and other lending associated charges and become responsible lenders.


Citizens for Responsible Lending is about believing that neither government nor business can be relied on to aid me in getting ahead and the only way to get ahead is to do it myself.  It is not about political action, or creating government or business programs.  Politicians and government who create irresponsible debt that I have to pay back and business’ that provide irresponsible credit to me will have to revise their practices to not excessively burden me and my family.


Citizens for Responsible Lending is about doing it myself.  But, if I want reinforcement and support of others or if I see a need to help others, I can help organize a unit of people so we can all Become Our Own Lenders.  



Dear Friends,


All my life, I have studied and thought about two things, how people treat each other and what an economy is and how it works.  I have pursued these ideas like most people pursue daily crossword puzzles or sports or hobbies.


The result  is the idea of Citizens for Responsible Lending.


There are no costs, donations, or sales of books and tapes.  I offer this to you as my contribution to making the world a better place.


I understand you may not find this idea of value right now, only about one in four people will, but what I ask of you is to please forward this on to everyone on your e-mail list to present this idea to people who may be looking for it.

Thank you,


Ron Cervenka



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